Welcome to my New Blog and A Year of Socks!!!!!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! My aim is to share my love of knitting, baking, and all other craftiness with you.

Let me begin with my newest obsession, sock knitting! It started with drooling over beautiful hand dyed yarns and has grown from there. It’s my opinion that the best looking hand knitted socks are knitted with hand dyed yarns and there are some beautiful colourways out there! I’ve discovered sock clubs too, not that I’ve joined one yet. Most of them have closed their memberships now that we’re well into 2012 which is a little disappointing (not so much to my other half who doesn’t understand the attraction). But just because I can’t join a sock club doesn’t mean that I can’t spend a year in sock knitting. The beauty of this is that I can choose my patterns, my designers, my techniques etc, without being subject to only one particular style or designer.  I don’t think that I’ll knit 12 pairs of socks, as I do have other projects I want to get on with and a household to run, but I’m going to try and get at least 8 done between now and next March.

So, I’m starting with Cookie A socks (I’ve already knitted a pair of Monkeys, they’re just waiting to be blocked – stupid weather!) and I’m about to

Monkeys knitted in All That Glitters - Aquamarine by Yarn Lust.

start Angee also by Cookie A. I have a skein of Smooshy – Into the Mystic that I bought for something else but when I got it I wasn’t impressed with the colour, but rather than give up the yarn I will turn it into a pair of socks (and funnily enough now that I’ve wound the skein into a ball the colour looks far more attractive)! I’m also part way through Skew but I’ve hit a snag in the pattern (thanks to my long heel/ high instep and as a result I can’t get them on past my heel!), Angee will hopefully keep me occupied while I wait for the answers I need to finish off Skew.

For those of you that know me, you know I’m expecting a baby in May.  I will be baby knitting at some stage over the next few months (I only have 9 weeks left :O) but I’m trying to be kind to my bank balance by not buying more yarn and using what I have in my stash.

Better get knitting!


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