Making Hay

I need to buy some "S" hooks so I can hang the sock blockers on the line. But the mesh basket worked a treat 😀

The title for this blog is so apt, considering that it’s raining again today.  After so much rain we finally had a really nice warm day yesterday,  I took to the opportunity to block both my Trillian Shawl and my Monkey socks.  Thankfully they both dried.  The last time I tried blocking Trillian the clouds came over about lunch time, next thing there was thunder and the rain was pelting down and it didn’t have a chance to dry properly (my house is too small to leave something that large out to dry inside).  It’s nice to finally be able to say that these projects are finally complete!  I’m such a procrastinator that this sense of achievement is a really good motivator :p.  Unfortunately I need a shawl pin for the Trillian (to hold it in place otherwise it falls off every time I bend over and needs constant readjustment) before I can wear it and I don’t think I’m going to have much luck trying to get hand knitted socks on my feet while I have this massive belly in the way.  BUT they are done and I shall be satisfied with that!

Finally, the sun came out and I have had a chance to properly block my shawl

I’ve had a lot of people asking me how I find time to run a house, raise 4 kids, knit, sew, and bake.  Well the answer to that is quite simple, I make hay while the sun shines.  My knitting gets taken everywhere with me.  I rarely leave it behind, I want a knitting tote bag that says “Have knitting, will travel” :p.  I may not always get a chance to knit but that’s beside the point, when the opportunity arises I grab it by the needles and get to work :p.  I obviously can’t always do the same with my sewing or baking, but I find time.  Baking gets done on the days when I’m at home, it’s a bit of a stress reliever for me and a good opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen (not that I always do that ’cause I’m a control freak and it can be hard dividing 2 simple jobs between 3 overly eager little people), plus I ♥ cake and I’m always keen to try new recipes, and of course it then needs to be taste tested over and over again to decide whether it’s a recipe worth keeping :p.  As for sewing I find the time for it when the kids are asleep or otherwise occupied.  Having a large family means that when everyone is home there is plenty of activity.  My kids tend to keep each other occupied, yes there are plenty of fights and arguments to diffuse but they all get on so well most of the time.  I’m a very blessed mummy.

I think it must also be said that crafting/ cooking is my sanity.  We don’t go on lots of family holidays (in fact the last holiday we went on where we didn’t stay with relatives, our eldest daughter wasn’t even 2 yet).  We do go away a lot and stay with my husbands family which is always nice, but it’s not the touristy or relaxing type of holiday that most other families tend to take.  That’s ok, I’m not complaining (neither would you be if you tasted my sister in laws cooking) however I’ve had to find other ways of giving myself time to chill out and relax rather then being constantly bombarded with fighting kids, housework, or whatever other job needs to be done.  It’s also a creative outlet and that fends off the boredom :D.


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