For an Optimist…..

I’ve always considered myself an optimistic sort of person, but lately I’ve come to realise that I’m probably more pessimistic than I’d like to admit. I kind of feel like that fish in the cartoon, just when I think I’m over the worst of what ever, something else comes along.  Call me a cynic but I’m beginning to believe that nothing will ever go my way.  That I am doomed to only ever having my glass half empty.

But I wonder if it’s all in my head.  If I’m looking for something that just isn’t there but all the while missing the great stuff that is.  For instance, the other day I was thinking that it would be really nice to take the kids to the movies.  Logistically I’m not sure how that would work as we have a 2yo that’s unlikely to want to sit still through a whole movie but I’d hate to not have him with us.  Not to mention that a family outing like that is outside of our budget.  The radio station that we listen to is running a competition this week to win tickets to see The Lorax at the movies.  The way the competition is being run is that one of the presenters reads a part of the story and in order to win the tickets you need to guess what story it’s from.  This morning it was a passage from The Sneetches.  We’ve read that story so many times (we have my husband’s childhood copy) that as soon as the presenter started reading I knew exactly what book it was from and rang in.  Unbelievably I won.  I can choose to see this as just dumb luck, or I can choose to be excited about the prospect of being able to take my kids to the movies without having to outlay a fortune for all of us.

I don’t win competitions every day, in fact I don’t win them very often at all.  But that’s not the point, I can choose to be excited at this little highlight, or I can choose to only focus on the crappy things that happen – the bigger things that don’t go my way.  Truth be told I don’t get to map out my life, I can’t stop the bad things that happen or even make allowances for them, I’m not in control of the things that happen in my life (well not all of them).  But I am in control of the way I view my life, of the way I deal with the crap that happens and those things that throw me off kilter. What happens next doesn’t matter, how I choose to deal with right now does.

Now I’ve given myself some food for thought :p.

What happens next doesn’t matter, how I choose to deal with right now does.  


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