A Little Ray of Sunshine

Hello Little Girl

I am happy to announce the arrival of my Sunny Girl.  She arrived on the 23rd of May at 12.03pm, weighed in at 3.37kg and is totally gorgeous.  She’s 4 weeks today and it feels like she’s been around forever.  I love how babies fit into families like that, or at least they do in mine.  She just fits into our family perfectly, everyone loves her, everyone has adjusted pretty well, it’s like we’ve just been waiting for her arrival (which I guess is sorta true).  None the less she’s here and she’s wonderful.


Our little ray of Sunshine – born 23rd May @ 12.03pm


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and they’re all pretty short and sweet.  So I’m leaving it at this for today.  Before I sign off I’ll leave you with a pic of my girl in her handmade goodness

Funky Little Ski Booties

Puerperium Cardi

She’s not a happy camper in that last shot.  Fingers crossed she makes a good model for me in the future :p

Take care

Christy 😀



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