Crazy Crafting Ninja

A couple of months ago I bought a new project bag from LibertyAvenueBags on etsy.  I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while ’cause I LOVE THIS BAG!  But first I lost the cord for the camera so I couldn’t upload the pics, then I got busy nesting (as you do) and didn’t get around to it.   So here is my blog about the best project bag ever!

Firstly it’s a custom order.  I tend to surf around etsy occasionally looking for things I think I need, I was after a new project bag and happened to come across the craft ninja bags.  I was totally taken with the little ninja so contacted Donna about getting one in pink.  She said she could do that and so I sent her the measurements for the bag I wanted.

Donna was super helpful and made some great suggestions.  She made up the bag pretty quickly once we’d agreed on the type of material and delivery from the US was super quick (she even refunded me some of the postage as it wasn’t as expensive as first thought).  Its nice and deep, and has these groovy snap yarn guides on each side so I can have my yarn threading through nice and neatly (it’s the little white thing you can see on the right hand sides of the picture below).

My bag also comes with 2 interior pockets, a small one for notions and such and a larger one for patterns (I requested the latter one).  The straps are nice and sturdy, they’re also adjustable which comes in handy with such a big bag (13″ tall by 15″ wide at the bottom).  It also has a small flap on top with 2 snaps to close it up so everything stays in (and with kids that it is a MUST).

All in all I love my new project bag, it goes everywhere with me and I’ve had a a few comments from people as to how much they love it!  Anyway, if you’re in need of a new craft bag (knitting or otherwise) then please head over to Donna’s etsy shop, like I’ve already said Donna’s really helpful and I know you’ll love your new craft bag from her as much as I love mine.

Take care

Christy 😀


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