A Fox in Socks

There is something wonderful about wearing a pair of socks that you’ve knitted yourself.  I know, they’re just socks.  But hours of my time went into these, my thoughts, patience, love, and most of all I knitted me into them.  This is different from just picking up any old pair of socks in a store; I took time to seek out yarn, waited for it to arrive in the mail, spent time balling it up (and untying the knots) all the while envisioning what I could make with this string.  I bought a needle and cast on, took the time to do the ribbing and endless measuring (I’m an impatient sock knitter) while I worked on the cuff.  I wrestled with the heel turn and picking up all those stitches (a technique I’ve never been particularly fond of ’cause in my opinion my work is not perfect and therefore not good enough), I persevered through the foot (I have long feet and the foot is generally longer than the leg of the sock) as it tries my patience and I wish that my hands would knit faster so I could finish the darn thing.  I muddle my way through the Kitchener stitch and finally, after more ripping back than I’d like to remember my sock is complete.  Then I have to start all over again and knit the 2nd one.  Socks are a labour of love, it takes far more time and energy then just hopping down to the shops.  But at the end of the project you have a one of a kind pair of socks, influenced solely by the knitters taste in colour, their gauge, even the circumference of their instep and length of foot.


I knit socks because it’s timeless.  Because I know at the end of the project when I put on these socks, slip my feet into my shoes, and look down what I see on my feet is a unique masterpiece made by me.  Something I can be proud of, something I can say that I made with my own 2 hands, something amazing that came from a ball of yarn and a rather long circular knitting needle.

It took a little to find the right pair of shoes to wear with my knitted socks, but in the end I decided it’s all about the sock and not about the shoe.

I ♥ my knitted socks and am so thankful for the ability to make them.




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