You Have to Start Somewhere

Shortly after I bought my Sunny Girl home I decided I wanted to knit her a hat (actually I’d thought about it before she arrived but put it off as I couldn’t find anything neutral enough to suit my tastes).  I happened to come across Kate Oates Math for Hats book after listening to a podcast that referenced her designs.  After buying it and reading it through I thought to myself (in my sleep deprived brain addled state) I can do that and proceeded to cast on.  After several false starts I finally got it going (now I can say that I understand negative and positive ease!) and was on a roll up until I reached the decreases and that’s where I faltered.  I’ve only ever followed patterns, I’ve never really differed from the pattern and I’ve never really given a great deal of thought as to why the designer did that particular thing there.  For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what the Math for Hat book was telling me to do and even though I asked on ravelry about it I still didn’t quite get it.  So the unfinished, self designed hat sat neglected in my project bag.  I felt so stupid, I’ve never been good with maths and thought that it was this lack of math loving skills that was letting me down.

That is until this weekend just gone.  I looked at the weather forecast and saw that it was about to get a whole lot colder and I thought to myself, I have to finish that hat for my baby!  The last thing we need is for her to get sick (plus I hated the thought of letting that yarn go to waste).  So, I gathered my courage, plucked it out of my project bag and dived back in.

Well, what do you know, most of the decreasing process is about trial and error and making something that suits my tastes.  I’m not entirely happy with the finished project but I can say that I “designed” it myself and I know where I need to make improvements for next time.

It’s not the hat that I envisioned in my head but that’s ok.  For my first go at not following a written pattern it’s not bad.

Since finishing the hat I’ve cast on another Anabelle Babe Cardigan in the same purple as Sunny’s little beanie.  It’s knitted from the top down and I’m only putting in 3 button holes for this one.  The pattern calls for a sport weight/ 5 ply yarn on 3.75mm needles, however I’m using a 4ply on 4mm needles.  I’m pretty sure it will work out fine.  I’m already passt the sleeve separation and am making good progress on the body.  Fingers crossed it’s finished in a few days and I can get on with my next project 🙂

Do you like the little pink teapot and tea cup stitch markers?  They’re from StephCuddles on etsy and I would definitely describe them as bling for knitting :p.  I bought them with some money I had left over from my birthday.  They’re pretty heavy but they’re definitely cute.  My 2yo likes to play with them and pretend he’s making himself some tea :p.

Well, that’s it from me today.



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