Just Hanging Around

This week marks the second week of the winter school holidays, that means that in just a few days the holidays will be over and the kids will be back at school and to be honest, I’m not looking forward to it!  We haven’t done much but for the most part my 2 older girls have been so helpful and I’ve really enjoyed their company.  Plus having no set routine and the need to be somewhere at a particular time is a bonus when there’s a new baby in the house (well not so new now, she’s 7 weeks already).

She’s still so snuggly and new.  They grow up so quickly and I’m trying to soak in every moment right now.

3 of my older children shuffling on an empty cardboard box in our sunny backyard.  I love their amazing imaginations – turning a cardboard box into a dance floor :p.

My oldest practiced being a rock star on that cardboard box (actually they all did, but I’m pretty sure she started the trend).  That’s the back of my youngest son on the left.  I love his curly hair :D.  And I love sunny days in our backyard!

I thought that I’d get heaps of knitting done during the school holidays but I haven’t done as much as I thought I would (well actually that probably has more to do with my ridiculous expectations on myself rather then actual reality).  I’ve finished the main body of Sunny girl’s cardi (photos next blog) and now I just have the sleeves to do.  I have also been working on a secret project in between the cardi for some very special people.  Want to see a sneak peak?

More pictures to come of this lovely little surprise (do you love the crazy button eyes?).

That’s all from me today, hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with more of a sneak peek of these adorable little surprises :D.




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