I finished the Annabel Babe Cardigan and despite my misgivings about the pattern the finished product is beyond cute!  Sunny Girl wore it when we went out yesterday and we received so many compliments.

It turned out so much better than expected and I love it (I still doubt I’ll ever knit another one though).  I love the little flower buttons, I think it takes a fairly plain pattern and makes it nice and girly.  The other thing I love about this cardigan is how incredibly soft and squishy it is!  The combination of garter stitch and the Luxury 4ply is amazing, it just makes me want to cuddle my Sunny girl more and more just to feel that lovely soft squishiness.  I made the smallest size (0-3 months), I was a little concerned that she’d be almost out of it by the time I finished (she’s now 2 months) but there is still plenty of growing room so it should see out winter and the cooler part of Spring before it needs to be retired :D.

I started the Gimli socks for my wonderful husband but I started them just after I had Sunny and I have made so many mistakes with the very intricate cabling, that I decided to frog them.  I’ll pick them up again when I’m not so sleep deprived and distracted by a little baby in the house.  I was using Skein (I bought 2 skeins of Skein :p, one for the Legolas socks in Envy and another for the Gimli socks in Inkstone).  I really love this yarn.  Firstly the dyer is Australian!  Secondly it is beautifully soft and has great stitch definition.  Thirdly you’re getting a decent amount of yarn in a skein.  I was listening to a Stash and Burn podcast interview last night with Stephen West and he was talking about Skein Yarns.  It’s so exciting to hear of an Aussie gaining notoriety in the knitting world overseas :D.

Speaking of Aussie’s, I bought some hand dyed yarn from an Australian dyer on Etsy – Spacefrog Knits and Yarn.  The colourway is called Burn that Bra and I love it!

I’ve earmarked it for the Blomster socks, I’m really looking forward to knitting that one 😀

I was feeling a little bit down after frogging Gimli, it felt like a knitting failure (even though I know there is good reason for this perfectionist to frog them), my lovely husband suggested that I knit something that would make me happy.  So I’ve picked up Millrace from Quince and Co.  I bought 2 skeins of Finch in the colourway Sorbet and I will admit that I’m not entirely sold on this particular colour.  And then I saw it against some black.  The darker colour really made the Sorbet pop!  I’m still not convinced about the colour though, but we’ll see if that changes once it’s washed and blocked.  I love the pattern, it’s not that taxing but it’s interesting enough to keep me wanting to knit.


The yarn is great, it has a lovely spring to it and great stitch definition.  It’s densely plied as opposed to the Luxury 4ply I’ve been using which has a looser ply, so the Finch is not as squishy.  It also doesn’t feel as soft but I don’t know what sheep breed the fleece came from.  However I do like this yarn and I’m enjoying working with it.

Well chaos is reigning in my house and the sun is shining outside so I shall sign off for today.  What’s the weather like where you are today?

Happy Knitting




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