The kids were talking about the Olympics the other night and my M.I.A (6) says “I’m going for Australia and Queanbeyan“.  She’s so funny!  (For those of you that aren’t Australian, Queanbeyan is a large town outside of Canberra).  We haven’t watched much of the games this year but when we do there is a lot of loud cheering for anyone representing Australia.

Saturday was a glorious day up here in the Blue Mountains.  It’s still winter and although the wind was on the chilly side the sunshine was glorious.  I spent sometime enjoying it with my kids.


And sometime enjoying it with my knitting

I swatched Artichaut which was a nice change from Millrace (even if it was just stocking stitch).  I think it was more that I could just sit and knit without having to think about it which is what I enjoyed.  Turns out that to get gauge I need to go up 2 needle sizes.  I like the fabric, it’s nice and light and I think that it will make a beautiful light cardigan for those cooler spring/ summer/ autumn days to come.  Believe me, I am looking forward to that warmer weather!

I’m almost through my first skein of the Finch I’m using for Millrace and I’m also up to the decreases.  I’ve decided to do another round of the pattern.  I have more than enough yarn and I’m also tall so another round isn’t going to hurt (in fact, it’s probably best).

Well, that’s it for me today.  Short and sweet :p

Happy Knitting



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