It’s Friday night and I have the house to myself….. well sort of.  The husband is out, the kids are asleep and I am alone with a decent sized block of Toblerone and some Caramel Tea that I bought at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra.  Once this has been posted I plan on curling up on the couch and watching Lost In Austen.

Yippee!!!  I have started the decreases on Millrace and finished the first skein of yarn.  So as I promised myself, it’s been packed away so I can work on something else for a while (it’s nice to talk about something else too :p).

At the moment I’m anti balling and swatching.  I guess you could say I’m being a lazy knitter.  I’m blaming sleep deprivation!  It’s ruining my motivation to do anything beyond the bare minimum.  In a quest to not have to do either (other than the swatch I did for Artichaut and I’m glad I did that one), I’ve frogged a project and reclaimed the yarn for a new project where I’m guessing my gauge.  I’ve cast on the Jaywalker socks and I’m using Cherry Tree Hills Fingerpaints in Mulled Wine.  I originally was using this yarn for Skew but I have been having so much trouble with making sure there’s enough room in the gusset for my long heel that I’ve given up.  I hope to revisit Skew when I have more brain space to struggle with it.  Jaywalker calls for 2.25mm needle but as I tend to knit tightly I’ve decided to use a 2.5, which also gives me the opportunity to try out my new HiyaHiya 9″/ 23cm circular (for those in Australia I got mine from here).  It’s tiny!  It took a little bit to get used to knitting with something so small but I can tell you that I love it!  At least I love it for the cuff and the leg, so much quicker and easier than magic looping that bit.  I’ll probably have to swap to magic loop for the heel and gusset but I don’t mind (unless I do an afterthought heel…… that’s an interesting idea).

The only thing that I’m disappointed with is that the yarn is a 2-ply.  3 months ago that meant nothing to me, but I was given The Knitters Book of Socks by Clara Parkes for my birthday and I know now that a 2ply sock isn’t going to last as long as a 4ply.  Oh well, I’ll know for next time.

I’ve also started Artichaut.  Last post I said that I had gone up 2 needle sizes to get gauge but that was incorrect, I’ve only gone up one size.  I’ve been so used to the smaller needle sizes going up in 1/4cm increments that I thought the same was true for the larger sizes.  Lesson learned!!

I’m a little concerned about my tension with this one, or at least a consistency in neat stitches.  I’ve been using small needles for so long that 4.5mm seem quite chunky.  The Luxury yarn is also pretty slippery and I have to work at stopping it from flying off my needles while I knit.  Still, it’s a nice pattern, easy to work and understand at the moment and I’m hoping that it turns out as pretty as the picture.  The pattern starts with a provisional crochet cast on.  Well, I don’t crochet and wasn’t about to learn just for this cardigan, so I went searching for an alternative.  After much searching I came across COWYAK on TechKnitters blog – Cast On (with) Waste Yarn And Knit.  It’s such a simple and happy solution, it was worth all the searching and trawling through various blogs.

Anyway, chocolate and Mr Darcy await.

Have a great weekend.



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