Hello Spring!

Here in Australia Spring has sprung and I can feel it!  The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, the light in the morning is changing and there’s a fresh new green kind of smell in the air.  I love Spring, I love longer daylight hours, I love the smell and I love that it’s not as cold in the morning when I get up.  I like to think that I could live somewhere colder but in all honesty, I think I’m just kidding myself, winter is long and cold enough as it is without having to deal with snow and all the rest of it.  Anyway, it’s safe to say I am so glad that Spring is finally here!

I finished off the first Jaywalker and it looks fab!  I was expecting a tight sock considering the bias chevron pattern but it’s actually quite loose.  In retrospect I think I could have gotten away with knitting it on a 2.25mm.  Next time…. actually, that should probably be, next pair.  I don’t think the finished sock has much give but it’s definitely not tight on my leg or foot, in fact it’s probably the easiest top down sock to put on that I have in my growing sock wardrobe.  I like it and I’m looking forward to having a pair (whenever that may be :p).

I have picked up Citron again and ended up having to tink the same group of rows twice.  It was driving me nuts!  Serves me right for trying to knit whilst being really tired.  It felt like trying to start an old car on a cold morning, we had a couple of false starts but now we’re running hot and making progress again.  The only problem (other than the repeated tinking) is that I have a desperate desire to cast on Kai Mei by Cookie A.  For my birthday this year my MIL gave me some money for a book, well I bought yarn instead (shhhh…. she doesn’t need to know).  I got 2 skeins of sock yarn from the Unique Sheep, 1 in the Tinsel Toes blend and the other in Sushi Socks.  I bought a blue, specifically for Kai Mei as I wanted a strong colour that would show off the lace pattern along the foot, but not so dark that you couldn’t see the pattern.  I think the colourway is Paradise, but I’ll confirm that when I start knitting with it.  The other skein is a dark pink.  I’m pretty sure that Kai Mei was the pattern that started my love affair with socks.  Way back when I was too scared to give socks a try I was looking at sock pictures on rav, admiring all those beautiful designs, and then I saw Kai Mei and that was it, I was hooked.  I think I even purchased Sock Innovation before I’d even attempted to knit a sock.  So you can see why I’m so so so keen to cast this sock on.  But I’m trying my hardest to resist the temptation to start.  I have Citron to work on!

I think someone has been putting greasy little fingers on the lens of my camera :(.  Sorry for the partially fuzzy images.

A Knitting Daily email was delivered to me the other day with a focus on kids animal knits.  I tend to scroll through those emails and only look at the pictures, if the pictures interest me then I’ll read the articles (that’s probably why I love Quince and Co. emails, it’s just a picture).  Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to find anything terribly interesting, especially considering that the first project was a jumper with a crocheted lion on it (I’m not even going to try and describe it), but just below that bright little lion jumper was the Baby Elephant Vest.  I automatically fell in love and started searching for yarn.  I don’t know what it is about that little vest, except that I think it will look so cute on my Sunny Girl.  I looked at the FP’s on rav and settled on Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, then I started searching for the yarn.  Even if I bought the yarn on ebay it was going to cost me around the $50 mark.  For a kids item, that’s way too expensive for me.  Then I remembered Bendigo Woollen Mills, they have a 5ply!  And I should only need 1 ball to complete the entire vest.  Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic is certainly not my favourite yarn but it is definitely good value and great for kids clothing.  Plus they have some pretty nice colours.  I’m resisting temptation to add to my stash at this stage, I have enough to get on with, but I have stuck it at the end of my queue.

What new to your queue?

Happy Knitting



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