…will travel

Another fortnight has slipped by between blog posts, however I’ve been touring the countryside.  Well not really, not in an Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy kind of way – how cool would that be?  Having servants, spending all day knitting and sewing for the church, taking tea, entertaining guests and then spending my evenings playing card games and going to balls.  But then…. I don’t think I could give up modern conveniences like flushing toilets and the internet :p.  Plus, I love jeans and I don’t think I could cope with long layered skirts in the middle of summer.

Anyway, that was a total aside.  We’ve been visiting my husband’s family in different parts of the state.

It was a good trip, my kids loved seeing their grandmother, uncle, aunt and cousins and I got lots of knitting done.  When we first got into the car I took out my teeny tiny Hiya Hiya needle with every intention of working on Kai Mei as we drove (the first leg of the journey was around 6 hours, not including stops).  However, when we got to the top of the street and I realised that I’d left the longer needle for magic looping (I swap to magic loop for the foot, don’t ask me why) at home and my ever loving husband wasn’t about to turn around to get it for me.  So instead I started on Marin.

Believe it or not, it is actually easy enough to do in the car.  There is a chart and initially I was quite tied to the pattern and the chart but not enough that I had my head buried in paper the whole time we were driving.  This lovely shawl is such a joy to knit and so serendipitous.  The yarn arrived 2 days before we were due to go away and I wound the skein into a ball the day before we left.  I’m just over half way through which I think is a pretty good effort.  I wish we could go away more, I’d get so much knitting done.  Unfortunately Artichaut is being quite neglected.  Thankfully M.I.A hasn’t asked why I’m not working on her cardigan.

My M.I.A looks so good in my knitting (she’s wearing my Trillian shawl) that I should just get on with Artichaut, I’m just so easily led astray.  M.I.A is such a wonderful big sister.  I couldn’t ask for better kids.

My nephew has a ukulele that my little G just couldn’t get enough of.  It was all on for young and old every time it was taken away from him.  Well, at least I know what to get him for Christmas now :p

After a trip away I have more washing than I can poke a stick at (that’s the downside of travelling with 5 kids) and it’s the last day of the school holidays (not including the weekend) so I think I shall go and hang out a truck load of laundry and spend sometime with my little ones.

Take care



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