A Little Bit of Enabling

Ever since Sunny girl came into the world my favourite lunch has been soft boiled eggs with hot buttered toast.  And I mean butter (in particular French butter, but I only get that when it’s on special), not margarine, real butter.  I can’t get enough of it, and I’m always a little disappointed when we don’t have any eggs in the house, or proper butter for that matter.

Anyway, new yarn has arrived at my house and more is winging it’s way here as we speak.  Back in September Sunshine Yarns celebrated it’s birthday by offering customers a discount for a day and also starting a new yarn club.  I was intrigued by the yarn club, it was based on tea and I’m pretty sure it was only for 3 months.  Having not participated in a yarn club before I thought it was a pretty safe place to start.  Unfortunately, international spaces in the club filled up super quick and I missed out.  But I did manage to score a skein of yarn in a colourway that I had been drooling over for a little while.

It took ages to arrive, I mean more than 4 weeks.  Usually yarn arrives here from the US in about 2 weeks (less than that generally speaking) so when 3 weeks was up I emailed Dani to let her know.  She emailed me back and said that it’s not uncommon for yarn to take 4 weeks to arrive.  So I twiddled my thumbs for another week, inwardly stressing about my lost package.  I emailed again and Dani emailed back saying that she’d heard there was an issue with customs and would check with the post office.  By now I had lost all hope of ever seeing that skein of yarn.  Then on Tuesday morning, the post man delivered it to my toilet door (well not really, but it was on the floor in front of the door – I can only assume it was left there by my hubby) and I have to say I was so thankful to have it!  I eagerly opened up the package and found, not only a gorgeous skein of yarn, but a tin of solid hand lotion by Lavishea.  I had originally earmarked the yarn for a pair of socks but once I saw the skein, the idea of socks was out of the question.  My plan is to knit Aestlight by Gudrun Johnston but considering there is not enough yardage in one skein of Classic Sock to do the shawl, I’ve bought a skein of Yarn Love’s Elizabeth Bennet to make up the short fall….  And I’m not going to tell you any more about that, you’ll just have to wait and find out :p!

The little tin of Lavishea hand lotion is gorgeous!  It smells lovely, melts easily into my hands and is lovely and gentle (my hands can be a little sensitive at the best of times).  The only downside is the shipping to Australia.  For 1-6 tins it’s $16.95 which is pretty expensive.  I’m considering buying 6 tins just to make the most of the postage.  Seriously, if you’re an Aussie and you’d like to get some of this solid hand lotion feel free to leave a comment and we can split the postage.

I also got a skein of GnomeAcres sock weight yarn in the post.  The colourway is Punky Gnomester and it is seriously bright!  Fluoro red and fluoro mint.  It’s lovely though, certainly eye catching.  I wound it up on Wednesday (looped it over the arm and back of a collapsible chair in front of the pc) while I watched The Knit Girlls and then cast on The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People Wednesday night.  It’s such an easy pattern and free too.  I wouldn’t even call it a pattern, more like the skeleton of a shawl, and you add the skin so to speak.  Stocking stitch isn’t very flattering on this colourway, so I’m doing stacks of garter ridges and despite my original misgivings this colourway is growing on me.  I’m knitting it for a young person and I hope she likes it (if not I think I might just be able to carry it off).

I finished off Marin earlier in the week and blocked it on Wednesday.  It’s turned out wonderfully and I would highly recommend the pattern.  It’s quick and pretty easy and turns out really really lovely in the end.  I’m looking forward to posting it to my friend next week, I hope she loves it as much as I do.

Last night I attended the Bi-Annual Whole School performance at my girls school.  The last time it was on was 3 years ago (yes it is supposed to be bi-annually but it was cancelled last year) when my JJ was in kindy.  Now she’s in year 3 and I have to admit I teared up a few times during the performance, firstly because I always do whenever I see my kids up on stage and secondly because it hit me just how quickly they’re all growing up!  Even my Sunny girl is rapidly growing, she’ll be 5 months next week.  Where has that time gone?  Anyway, while the performance was on I worked on Kai-Mei, I haven’t measured it but I’ve got a fair whack of the leg done and it’s a nice little no thinking hand bag knit at present.  I sat there wondering if the people behind me thought I was a bit odd, knitting at a school performance, but seriously I love my knitting and I love my kids, why can’t the 2 be happily married wherever I am?

I’ve also made a little progress on Artichaut.  Word of warning, if you’re going to knit this, knit it according to the number of rows stated, not the length!  My row gauge is a little longer than the designers and I initially followed the measurements for length for the first part of the back, I should have just knit the number of rows.  The front is slightly shorter than the back and when I sewed up the right front there’s a bit of a funny spot down the bottom where I’ve squished the 2 different lengths together.  It’s hard to describe without detailing the entire construction of the top.  I’m pretty sure that the only person who’s going to notice it will be me and I’ll know how to do it better when I start on the next one.

This has been a crazy week for me and it hasn’t finished.  I better get off my butt and get ready for #1 Son’s preschool story event.

Till next time

Christy 😀



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