What a Hoot!

Term 4 is crazy busy and this week has lived up to it’s craziness!  Amongst all the normal stuff #1 Son has started the transition programme into Kindergarten.  To be totally honest, I know he’s ready for school but I don’t know if I am ready.  I still remember the night I found out I was pregnant with him (and waking up the following day with one of the worst colds I’ve ever had).  I remember hearing my husband complaining the whole pregnancy that we would never be able to celebrate our wedding anniversary again, I was due the day before.  I remember the day he was due and how my mother called to ask me if I was in labour yet.  I remember calling the hospital because I lost my mucous plug and getting into trouble because I’d stopped taking insulin and how I was hospitalised because they didn’t trust me to take care of myself (it was a saga that I won’t bore you with).  I remember waking up in the early hours the day after he was due and crying because I was missing my husband, it was our wedding anniversary and the contractions had started.  I remember my husband coming down to the hospital very early and finishing off my scrambled eggs, sitting in the hospital kiosk while my hubby devoured a burger and hot chips and I groaned with contractions.  My wonderful husband making me laugh between contractions while he entertained himself with silly games on the Nintendo DS.  Finally, I remember delivering my baby, my husband announcing that we had a son and then balling my eyes out because I’d given my husband a son for our wedding anniversary.  The midwife who delivered him was really lovely, very gentle, very professional and well seasoned in her profession, it was definitely a positive birthing experience.  What a way to remember our 8th wedding anniversary!

I still remember the midwife remarking that our baby boy was the blondest baby she had ever seen and he still is a little blonde heartbreaker ♥.

Like the bulk of mothers out there in the world, I’m sitting here wondering where the time has gone.  My tiny little baby is now old enough to start school.

He’s so cute (in his words, “I’m cool mum, I’m not cute” :p) and sweet and wonderful.  I’m going to miss him heaps next year but I know that he’s ready for school, even if I’m not ready for him to start.

On the crafting front, the unofficial Cookie KAL has kept me working on my Kai-Mei.  I had to redo the heel flap 4 or 5 times before I got it right (I have no idea what was wrong with me last week) but it is now done and I’ve done the bulk of the foot.  Just this afternoon I reached the end of the ribbing section, so I now have to decide if I’m going to do another set of increases/ decreases to take it down the other side of my foot, or if I’ll follow the pattern and stop it from moving across the foot.

It’s coming along so nicely.  I love the ease of the pattern and the pattern repeat itself is easy enough to remember after a couple of rounds.  I love patterns where I’m not tied to a piece of paper but still have a pretty pattern to keep me interested.

I worked briefly on the Sunlight Shawl yesterday at my craft group but no other knitting has taken place in my hands in the last week, despite being desperately keen to cast on Sempervivum and Aestlight.  I must say I am very proud of myself for resisting temptation.

At the Pink Craft Day on Saturday I had the pleasure of making the cutest little sock owl.  The pattern is by CraftSchmaft and it’s pretty easy.  All you need is a sock, some felt and some embroidery thread – then WOLLAH! you have a cute little owl :D.  There is a pattern for the cutest sock Baby ‘Zilla.  I love it and after the success with the owl, I’ll definitely give the Baby ‘Zilla a go, just need to find the right sock.  It still astounds me that someone took a sock and saw it’s potential to become a toy.  I will never get over the ingenious creativity out there in the wide world!!!

Have you made any toys with socks?

Until next time

Take care


P.S  My friend received the Marin Shawl I sent her after I posted last weeks blog.  She loves it and I am a happy knitter ♥


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