I hate being sick!  And, unfortunately for me, the past week and a bit has seen me sick with varying things.  So, rather than posting a rather long blog I’m going to split it in 2 – one today and another early next week (fingers crossed I stay healthy).

The Saturday after my last blog (during the middle of a heat wave) we went up to the Bluebird Markets, held in the car park of the Alexandra Hotel in Leura.  Despite the heat it was quite a nice little market.  Lots of lovely handmade goodness ranging from soaps, clothes, cards, and jewellery through to food and coffee.  From what I could see it was pretty good quality stuff, at least the sort of stuff you want to see at a handmade market.  I bought the kids some marshmellows and some Espresso Shortbread cookies for me – they were so yummy!  I also got the funkiest pair of earrings from Poppy and Belle (you can also find them on facebook here)

Could a pair of earrings be more friendly?

I love wearing these friendly earrings, they are my go to accessory when I need a bit of a pick me up and they certainly attract some interesting attention :p!

I also added to my stash.  I bought some Utiku (8ply Corriedale) from The Wool Company in New Zealand.  It came in the most massive hanks I’ve ever seen (although that might have to do with the fact that it’s 8ply/ DK weight yarn and it’s over 420g).

Left:  CyclamenRight:  Mallard

Left: Cyclamen
Right: Mallard

It’s a nice change from the Bendigo Woollen Mills yarns and comparable in price.  There isn’t a massive range in colours but I was very happy with the colours I chose and would happily buy from them again.  I’ve balled up the Mallard hank and started a little top for my Sunny girl, with plans to knit another one for my cousin’s newborn bub.  But more about that pattern and project next time.

With the arrival of December comes thoughts of Gingerbread houses (among other things :p).  For the last 2 years I’ve participated in a Gingerbread Fundraising night held through the playgroup that I sometimes attend.  This year I ummed and ahhed about going, simply because I’m so tired.  But I’ve started a tradition of taking the Gingerbread House to the in laws every Christmas and I wasn’t about to let everyone down, so off I went for my 3rd year.  This year I was a little uninspired and it ended up being a case of throwing as much sugar on (and in – it’s filled with chocolates) as possible.

The House of Ginger


The main thing is that there are enough lollies and sugar on the house to share between 7 kids.  Maybe next year I’ll have the energy and inclination to do some research and come up with a themed house……. oooohhhhhh I wonder if I could do a knitting theme.

The Cheeky Little Elves I’ve been knitting up for the teachers Christmas presents are coming together nicely .  I honestly hope the teachers like them.  Unfortunately being sick set me back a bit and I’m spending my whole weekend cutting out, blanket stitching, and gluing bits of felt.  So far I’ve finished off 3, only 6 more to go.  I’ve promised myself if I can get through 3 today I can have a nice bath tonight with one of my special Lush Christmas bombs.  I’ve finished off 1 this morning and have started on the 2nd one, so far so good :D. (ETA: that didn’t happen!  I only got through 2.5 yesterday.  Desperately hoping I can finish off another 2 today if not 3, otherwise I think I’ll be figuring out who can miss out on an elf).

A plethora of pom poms

My darling M.I.A volunteered me to make pikelets for her class Christmas party on Monday, so I’ll be frying up those later (some for J.J’s class too) and also making hot chocolate spoons to pop in the teachers gift bags as well.  I’ll be so glad when Wednesday is over and the kids are on holidays.  I think I’ll need the rest almost as much as they do.

Have you been to any good markets lately?

Back in a few days with part 2



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