This is intended to be a very quick post.  I finished the Sunlight Shawl for Sad People and wanted to let you all know.  I’m so happy that’s it done.  The ending was a little tragic due to not knowing how much yarn it would take to do the picot bind off.  I started and realised (among other things) that I didn’t have enough yarn, so I ripped it back and started again.  Now that it’s finished I can see I could have knit a few more rows.  But, on the upside I have enough yarn left over to make a little cuffie.

Giving it a severe blocking to :p


I’m a little concerned as the colours seem to have faded a bit during soaking but from the pic it looks ok (the water in the bucket is a really lovely plum).  I’ve blocked it out rather firmly, stretching it out as much as I could.  I can’t wait to see how it looks and drapes once it’s dry.

I’m also very very excited because I started Aestlight last night.  It’s my Christmas present to myself, ha!  I was organising my knitting for our Christmas break (I’m seeing the MIL and she always seems displeased with my knitting – so I have to seriously plan what I’m knitting in order to not heap condemnation on my head) and decided that I could afford to start Aestlight considering that the Sunlight Shawl is finished.  The plan is to knit Aestlight whilst travelling and when MIL is otherwise occupied.  At all other times I will be working on Mud Puddles and I have packed the yarn to start J.J’s Artichaut (which she is very happy about).

So in love!

I’ve admired Gudrun Johnston’s work from afar for a very long time and had at least one of her designs in my rav queue for the last few years (pretty much ever since I discovered knitty and ravelry that top has been in my queue).  It’s so exciting to be finally working on something by one of my favourite designers :D.

From my somewhat crazy and very wonderful family to yours, a very happy, merry and wonderful Christmas.

Have a goggling good time :p




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