This morning Sunny was awake at about 5am and wasn’t willing to go back to sleep.  After spending 40 minutes trying to encourage her to go back to sleep with no luck I decided to get up.  I’m generally not a morning person, but I really wish I was and I think (as much as I don’t do New Year Resolutions) that I will make it my goal for this year.  There is something so peaceful and beautiful about that stillness and quiet of the early morning.  Before the hustle and bustle begins, before the noise of the kids and the tv or radio.  It’s a great time for contemplation and letting my brain wake up slowly, instead of the usual “hitting the floor running” start to my day.  It’s also a great time to blog without the distractions of the kids or the other day to day stuff (except I do have Sunny Girl on my lap trying to help me type).

Last post I promised to tell you what I book I picked up on my visit to Canberra and the yarn I bought with my Christmas money.  I love Canberra, I especially love shopping in Canberra (not that I get to do that very often).  The Canberra Centre (where Mr HKWT and I visited Christmas Eve) has a T2 store, something that I don’t have locally, so that was one of my first stops.  Then on to Dymocks to pick up our nephew’s Christmas present – I think it’s hysterical that we travelled all the way from Sydney for a book :p.  Of course, being book lovers Mr HKWT and I started off by browsing through the shop before getting the book we had on hold.  I headed straight to the crafting section and I was pleasantly surprised by the range of knitting books on offer.  I was looking through one of them when Mr HKWT walked up to me and told me that he was leaving the store (Sunny Girl was not enjoying the book shop) and that I could buy the book.  As he walked away and I put the book back on the shelf I noticed another knitting book, Socktopus by Alice Yu.

I immediately picked it up as it’s a book that’s been on my wishlist for a little while.  I started flicking through and thought to myself that I didn’t need another book, that was until I noticed all the new techniques that I could learn from the book.  Seeing as Mr HKWT had already said I could buy the other book I had been looking at, I figured I was allowed to substitute Socktopus for the other one.  There are a few patterns in the book that I’m really keen to knit, the first one being V Junkie.  There’s something about those “cells” that get my sock knitting mojo back, something that seems to have disappeared after starting Cookie A’s Pomotamus.

When we opened Christmas presents after church and I was given some money from my MIL I immediately decided to put it towards a skein of sock yarn.  I spent some time looking on etsy at hand dyed yarns but couldn’t find anything that I really wanted to work with.  Then I remembered The House of Wool, a tiny little LYS that opened up in Blackheath late last year.  They’re only open Friday – Sunday and have a very limited range (which is growing) but they do specialise in Aussie hand dyed yarns.  Sunday my M.I.A and I went on a trip up the mountain and I got a skein of sock yarn from Hawthorne Cottage Yarns, a Victorian based indie dyer.

It’s a lovely variegated red with just a touch of purple (which you can’t see in this pic).  I’ve nicknamed it Sangria considering there is no name on the band, just a number.  I think it’s going to look pretty good worked up the V Junkie pattern which I’m super keen to start but I’m resisting temptation and trying to get through some of the other projects I’ve got on the needles (let’s see how long that lasts :p).

I also picked up 2 pairs of kids knitting needles at The House of Wool.  Both my girls have expressed a desire to learn to knit, so of course they need their own needles.  Finding 2 pairs of the kids size needles was a bit of a boon and I let M.I.A choose a set for her and her sister.  I’m looking forward to teaching them but at the same time I’m a little bit apprehensive as I know I’m not the most patient person in the world.  Any tips would be appreciated.

One of my favourite things about Canberra is the sunsets.  So I will say good bye for this week and leave you with a photo I took from my brother-in-law’s front verandah on Christmas Eve ♥


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