Technical Difficulties

I am soooooo desperate to podcast BUT my PC doesn’t agree with my desperation, nor does the weather for that matter.  I had every intention of this particular posting being a video, but after 5 + failed attempts at recording, I thought it was better that I just write my blog.  My PC is an old one (circa 2007) and it’s pretty slow, add heat into the mix and the poor old thing just about packs up and dies every time it’s turned on.  So, without dissolving into a puddle of tears and disappointment, I will put off the dream of podcasting until a) we get a new PC or b) the weather cools down enough for the PC to be comfortable.


The last 2 weeks have been super busy with school going back a week and a half ago, and #1 Son starting school on Wednesday just gone.  He was so excited about starting, the day finally came and from the moment he was dressed he was nagging Mr HKWT and I to go and that we were running late.  When we finally arrived at school (on time) he was cranky with me because I wanted to take some photos, when we got to the classrooms he dumped his bag and ran inside without saying good bye.  At least I know that he was happy to leave us and keen to get started.  He was even disappointed yesterday when Mr HKWT said that it was the weekend 😉 .  He is in the same classroom that both of his older sisters were in when they started school and he has the same teacher that M.I.A had in kindy.  I think that familiarity with the classroom and the teacher has made the transition more than easy for him and, despite thinking that I’d be a blubbering mess, I am more than happy to let my little man go.

Since my last post the buttons for the Mud Puddles top finally arrived.  I had contacted Corina from Color My Buttons about my missing delivery and she was in the midst of making me a new set when the original order arrived.  It was such a relief and I was so happy to be able to send her a message letting her know that I’d received them.


I have 3 buttons left, another white feature button and then a blue and an orange flower button.  I’m hoping to knit up another Mud Puddles in the Mallard Utiku yarn as a gift and the left over 3 buttons will feature on that particular project.  They give the top such a lovely lift, I can’t wait to see my Sunny Girl wearing it 😀 .

Because life has been so busy – crazy busy! – my time for knitting has been somewhat limited.  It’s a little bit sad that I haven’t had the time for it that I would like, it would be great to be able to churn out finished objects far quicker than I do, but there is nothing wrong with moseying through a project either.  I should be easier on myself and just enjoy the process.  I’ve been fairly monogamous with my work over the last 2 weeks and I’ve stuck to the V Junkie sock that I started a little while ago.  I’m still loving the pattern and I can honestly say that I love it even more now that I’ve done the short row heel.  I’ve never done a short row heel before and I was keen to give this new-to-me technique a go.  I had no issues with it and I really like how it looks.  My only concern is that that it won’t fit my foot properly.  I have a long heel and short row heels don’t exactly accommodate “irregular” footed people like me.  So far so good, I’ve made a bit of progress down the foot and I’ve tried the sock on a few times, it feels a little tight across my instep but it nonetheless it fits and I’m not struggling to get it on – given that the sock doesn’t have a lot of stretch to begin with.  I have to admit that my favourite thing about the short row heel is there are no stitches to pick up.  There is a small hole at the side of the gusset but that’s because there is a slipped stitch right next to it, to me that’s an oversight with the pattern design, not a flaw in my knitting.

sock junkie

Recently I’ve seen a lot of podcast and blog posts on the Color Affection shawl.  I saw this shawl a while ago and even though I was fascinated with it I wasn’t about to attempt it.  Then I saw all the projects and colour kits and the temptation to give it a go grew considerably.  The podcasts and blogs started and I was done!  I originally thought about knitting it in teal, or something in that blue green family.  I went looking with the intent of knitting it in Elizabeth Bennet by Yarn Love but  I couldn’t find anything that grabbed my attention that was available, so I continued looking and settled on MadelineTosh.  There are so many colour ways and EatSleepKnit endeavours to stock all of them.  I liked the look of Corsage and considering that it’s a discontinued colour I decided to go ahead and purchase it.  After a lot of ummming and ahhhing I settled on Dried Rose and Fawn as the other 2 shades.  I finalised my purchase and then double checked it, O Oh………………………. I had purchased Dusk instead of Fawn.  Panic set in……… but after having a long look at the 3 colours together on my computer screen I decided that it would work.  My package arrived in the flesh earlier this week, and as always what you see on the screen is inevitably different to what you see in person.

Color Affection

From left: Corsage, Dusk, Dried Rose

Despite the mistake, I’m happy with my choices and think they will work better than the Fawn, I think that it will make a beautiful Color Affection.  My only hesitation is that these aren’t colours that I would normally wear.  Not that I don’t love them, but I’m a bright colour lover and tend to wear those rather than the earthier shades (although a lot of grey has snuck into my wardrobe in recent years).  I’m not worried about wearing it, I’m more worried that I don’t have anything in my wardrobe to go with it…… oh well, it gives me a reason to buy some new clothes 😛

My husband and I have started a tradition that when one of our children start school or preschool, we go out for breakfast.  On Wednesday, after we had dropped off our eager beaver, we went to our favourite little breakfast haunt (ok we only go there once a year, if we’re lucky, but still it’s our breakfast place) and on the walk down the driveway we found some tiny little pine cones.  They’re so sweet that I just had to stop and pick one up to bring home with me.

pine cone

Do you do anything special to celebrate kids back at school?

Have a great week!



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