Restore thy Soul

It has occurred to me recently that in order to be a good mother and wife sometimes I need to put myself first and take care of me.  I will be the first to acknowledge that putting myself first grates against everything that I am.  For the last decade I’ve become well practised at putting my needs aside (although as I write this I’m also aware of how selfish I can be) but because I love my kids and my husband, I need to show myself some love too.  And it’s not always healthy to show that love by buying more yarn or even casting on another project 😛 .  Last weekend I endeavoured to show myself a little love and ventured across the road to my neighbours Stampin’ Up party.  I spent 3 hours without children, 3 hours of talking to other adults without the interruption of my little ones, 3 hours of being creative, and 3 hours of concentrating on a craft other than knitting.

Car card

I had a great deal of fun.  A short while after Mr HKWT and I got married I started making cards, I had a decent assortment of stamps and inks and it wasn’t long after the birth of J.J that I was hooked on scrapbooking.  There’s something really wonderful about choosing pretty coloured papers and embellishments and marrying them together.  It’s a whole different tactile crafting experience that I love and hope to do more of.  I gave up scrapbooking because there were too many little hands leaving little gifts of fingerprints all over my pages, and to be honest I don’t think I could go back to that particular craft.  I’m very particular about how I do my pages and I tend to steer away from bombarding each page with as many photos as possible, so I think if I were to take that up again I’d be 200 years old and still not anywhere close to finishing off an album for my 3rd child 😛 .  But making cards and playing with stamps, now that is something that is a lot like knitting – what insanity is that woman going on about? I hear you say – well, it’s pretty and it’s practical.  I can make a card and give it to someone who needs a little cheering up, far quicker than I can knit them up a shawl (although that is something that I will continue to do).  I can make several cards in a few hours in many different styles and colours, I can’t do that with knitting.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stray from my first love, I’m just going to have a little hanky panky on the side with card stock and stamps 😉 .

Card 1

This last week saw Aestlight finished.  WOOHOO 😀 !!!!!!  Unfortunately the weather has not been kind and it still remains unblocked.  But it is finished!  I think my stitch count was off at some stage, either on the lace section or in the border, I’m not sure which.  However, I resisted the temptation to rip it back, recount and then start the edging again.  You can’t tell, at least I don’t think you can tell.  I’m happy with it and that’s the main thing considering I’ll be the one wearing it.  I bound off the centre garter stitch triangle with the Banana (light), Elizabeth Bennet yarn I was using from Yarn Love, 2 friends of mine made that suggestion and I’m glad they did (and I’m glad that I listened to them), it looks really good.  I used a traditional Shetland bind off that Chrissy Graham of Snappy Stitches talked about in one of her podcasts.  It’s a really pretty bind off, which I know probably sounds a bit strange, but because the bind off has been done in the contrast yarn you can see it.  Seriously, if you plan on making the Aestlight – or any other shawl that needs a stretchier edge – use this bind off, it’s worth it, and it’s so easy.  I’m finding myself hoping to cast on a pair of toe up socks soon so I can see if the same bind off will work well with the cuff.


In a fit of anxiety and stress I wound up a skein of Loft from Brooklyn Tweed in the Blanket Fort colourway.  As with so many of my online purchases I’m still unsure of the colour.  I’m hoping that once the Sempervivum has been knit up it will look far less like the colour of dryer fluff.  I love the colour believe it or not (there is something about cleaning off the lint filter on my parents tumble dryer that I’ve always enjoyed – yeah I know, I’m weird) but I’m just not sold on it for this particular project.  I’m not so sure what it’s going to look like once it’s finished, it’s such a pretty pattern that I want the finished project to look striking, not a confused mix of purple and grey which is what I think it looks a bit like at the moment.  I love the pictures of Sempervivum on the Brooklyn Tweed website so much that I don’t want to be disappointed with my end project, I feel like that would not only be letting me down but a designer that I admire – not to mention all the hours spent working on the shawl.  I also bought the pattern and OH MY GOODNESS!  This is going to keep me on my toes!  All I can do is give it a go and cross my fingers, arms, legs, and toes that I’m able to grapple my way through it without making too many mistakes.  Wish me luck!

bag 3

The V Junkie socks have had a whole lot of love this past week and I’m happy to report that the short row heel fits my foot wonderfully.  I’m really really happy with that heel construction and plan on using it again and again and again.  Does anyone out there know what the wear on that is like compared to a traditional heel flap?  Hmmmm…….. Anyway, I am through the foot and onto the forefoot part, the pattern stated to end the foot section on row 15 once a certain measurement was reached.  I didn’t do that.  I was a centimetre off the measurement and the pattern repeat is 2cm long (yes, I sat there and measured it like the knitting dork that I am), so I decided that instead of adding an extra centimetre to my sock I was going to start on the forefoot section and add extra rows before the toe decreases if necessary.  I think that’s a good decision.  I just have to remember to make sure I take good notes so I can make the next sock exactly the same, otherwise there could be trouble.

I realised the other day that I have 2 pairs of finished socks and 3 single socks currently, plus 1 on the needles (well 2 if you consider the Pomotamus socks I started a while back but I’m planning on frogging them).  I think it’s time to start on the other socks…… why can’t I grow an extra set of arms just for sock knitting?

bag 2

Last year I got a bee in my bonnet about sewing up a drawstring bag with a boxed out bottom for my sock projects.  Well, after far too long I finally got around to sewing one up.  It’s not perfect but boy am I happy with it!  Not only is it pink, it has those cute little houses on it (reminds me of the Smurfs or some other cute cartoon character), it makes me happy and it’s the perfect size for my current sock project.  It holds my yarn, my extra long circular, the project, the pattern and a small notions tin, with a little bit of room left over (I managed to stuff the Aestlight in there as well on Thursday to take to my craft group).  I am very very happy with it and I’m looking forward to sewing up more in the not too distant future.

bag 1

The next week is a going to be a fun one.  On Tuesday we celebrate not only #1 Son’s 5th birthday but our 13th wedding anniversary.  I’m hoping this year everyone is well  as last year everyone was throwing up 😕 .  What a way to celebrate a wedding anniversary by delivering a baby!  At least that is one anniversary that I’ll never ever forget!!!!!  Or even be able to celebrate without thinking of my son.  J.J is generally so sweet on our anniversary, making sure that we don’t get forgotten in all the birthday festivities.  I really do have the sweetest kids.

Smoochy Kiss

What do you think of the new blog theme?

Have a great week 😀



Exciting Times

Well………. I’ve been missing for a couple of weeks (if you haven’t noticed), no dramas other than switching internet providers.  Our last provider decided to dig their heels in and made the transition rather drawn out, so I have been without internet access for a little while.  It’s good to be back online and it’s wonderful to be able to blog again :D.

In the last 2 weeks lots has happened but not a lot of knitting.  It’s been so hot that the physical action of knitting has taken a back seat, but I’ve done lots of thinking and talking about knitting, lots of looking at patterns and adding things to my queue, lots of drooling over yarn and choosing colours for different projects (lots can be done from a small phone with internet access) and of course my friend has enabled my knitting addiction by gifting me the Blomster sock pattern.  I bought yarn for it ages ago but it’s just been sitting in my queue not moving (while I’ve bought more yarn and started other projects, including socks).  You can read about the yarn I bought here.  Now I have no excuse but to get started on it, although I think I might finish at least the first V Junkie sock first.

I’ve been steadily working on the Aestlight Shawl, at least as steadily as I can in extreme heat (I have no air con) but as a result of not spending much time actually knitting it’s not grown much.  But it’s still very pretty and I can’t wait to see the finished object.

I’ve finished the back of J.J’s Artichaut, once I started on the sleeve caps it seemed to go really quickly, even though I was increasing every other row, maybe it’s because I wasn’t having to keep track of 50 odd rows – things always seem to go quicker when you’re only dealing with a few rows at time.  Breaks it all up a little bit.  Since finishing off the back I haven’t done any work on it (and that was over a week ago) which I feel a little bad about….. but I will finish it, no doubt about that, I have a 9 year old that will never let me live it down if I don’t.

In between row sections on Artichaut I’ve worked on pattern repeats on my V Junkie sock.  It’s a lovely little honeycomb stitch and I do love its ease and simplicity.  Just enough to keep me interested.  However, the cuff is comprised of 3 rows.  Yes, you read right, just 3 little rows.  On the needles that cuff rolls over the top of the sock and it looks wrong.  I’ve been a little paranoid about it, as it seems loose and there’s no ribbing.  But when I try it on and pull it far enough up my calf it seems to sit up properly all by itself.  I’ll definitely be trying this sock on before I work on the heel, just to make sure that I have the length right so that tiny little cuff sits properly.  Despite my doubts on the cuff of this sock, the colour I’m using is amazing.  It’s such a lovely red (and it kind of looks like something under a microscope in that pattern :p), a beautiful deep red with hits of purple here and there, I’m definitely looking forward to being able to wear them.  Actually, looking at the sock now reminds me of the Sound of Music (stay with me), when the Von Trapp family are hiding in the cemetery in the convent?  You know when they’re hiding from the Nazis in that little fenced in corridor that has gates all the way along?  Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of a weird association but I’d rather think of catacombs when I look at my sock then blood cells.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, I use an app on my iPod as a row counter.  The week our internet went down my iPod crashed.  I’m still working on Millrace (ok, I haven’t done any work on Millrace for a while but it’s there waiting patiently for my return) and I was pretty upset when the iPod crashed.  I was seriously concerned that I had just lost all the info of where I’m up to with Millrace.  I spent over a week reassuring myself that I could figure it all out, that it couldn’t be that hard to count back rows and decipher where I was up to in the pattern repeat, but still, I was concerned.  Thankfully when we were finally up and on the internet again I was able to update the iPod, the update backed up all of the data stored on my iPod and my row counters were saved (and yes I said counters because the project alone has 4)!  Honestly I don’t know what’s worse, relying on temperamental technology to take note of my rows, or an actual row counter that will inevitably be played with by my children (nothing is safe in this house unless it’s put up and out of reach).  Note to self: finish Millrace before there are any more issues!


Sunny’s favourite little toy is this tiny bunny softie that came with romper I bought her a few months ago.  She absolutely loves chewing on it’s ears (seriously with all the pulling on it that she does with her little gums one ear is longer than the other).  This little bunny is white, Sunny is now on solids, guess what hasn’t stayed very white despite frequent washing?  At least I can say that it’s well loved.  Anyway, considering that she loves this little bunny so much I thought I would make her one and started looking on etsy for a pattern.  I came across RetroMama and my goodness! I love her designs.  I was pleasantly surprised by all of her little patterns as they are just as cute and I would happily sew them all – next will be the Greta doll and the little bear!  I love this little bunny, the instructions are nice and clear and the project itself seems to be relatively simple.  I haven’t started sewing yet but I have cut all the pieces.  I’m using corduroy from some pants that I picked up at a second hand store and quilting fabric from my stash for the rest of it.  My only complaint about this pattern (and it’s probably more my fault for not reading it through properly first) is that the pattern pieces tell you to cut pieces from fusible interfacing and WonderUnder (I’m using Vlisoflex) as well as from the material.  When I’ve sewn on previous occasions I’ve always ironed on the interfacing and Vlisoflex before I’ve started cutting – isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  Anyway that’s my only beef so far.  I caught that before I cut the pieces that require the Vlisoflex but not the fusible interfacing, not quite sure how I’m going to tackle that bit.  But once again it’s been too hot for sewing so all I’ve done so far is cut.

I’m looking forward to cooler weather, the last few days have been nice, it’s been rainy and misty but I know the heat is on it’s way back.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those people around the country that have lost homes due to the spate of bush fires we’ve seen and my very deep thanks and appreciation to all the Rural Bush Fire Fighters fighting those fires across our nation.

I have so much more to tell you but I’m going to leave it at that because…… with any luck……. the next blog might be a little bit different……


Can you guess what I’m planning on doing?

Have a great week


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I have a confession to make, I’m a bit of a Christmas Grinch.  There’s many reasons for this, all of which I won’t bore you with, but put simply I don’t like Christmas very much.  Well, I usually don’t like Christmas very much but this year I actually looked forward to it.  I didn’t get into the Christmas carols very much (I never really do) but I didn’t approach the season with the same sense of loathing I generally feel.  Maybe it’s because it sneaked up on me a little, or maybe it’s because we were spending Christmas with people that I really like…. or maybe it was a combination of both.  Anyway, needless to say I actually really really enjoyed my Christmas this year.  Mr HKWT and I even went shopping on Christmas Eve (with only 1 child) and the shops weren’t crazy (and I got some great stuff for me :p).

Christmas Day was jam packed with loads of presents for the kids (too much I think, too much remarked my 12 year old nephew and even the mother in law – who was concerned we couldn’t get it all home, not enough said my 4 year old), amazing food, great company and my Gingerbread House which has become a tradition in our house ♥.  Even the weather was pleasant.  Not too hot which is always a nice surprise.

I think the highlight of my Christmas Day was the gift my sister-in-law made for my Sunny Girl.  She is by far the best sister in law ever!  She’s creative and generous, she’s an amazing artist and an excellent cook.  I always love visiting their place as I know I will always be fed well and my children are loved like they are my brother in law and sister in laws own.  When my husband opened the present and showed me the hat (the little sunshine is a badge that we can reuse on all other future hats) it quite literally made me teary.  It is the most thoughtful and beautiful gift ♥

The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People was burning a hole in my knitting bag so I gave it to my niece as an early birthday present.  She loves it and it went so nicely with what she was wearing (still too hot for wearing too much wool though).  I hope she gets a lot of wear out of it in the coming cooler months.  I have plans to make a cuffie with the left over yarn, I started on a design that I had in my head, but it needs some tweaking and a smaller needle, so I ripped it out and bought the yarn back home (do any knitters take all their needles with them when they go away?).

I finished Mud Puddles.  I didn’t have the right needle for the bottom edge so I continued with the 4mm and I think it looks fine.  Now I’m just waiting for the buttons to arrive.  Shortly after I finished that (and tinkered around with the cuffie) I started on J.J’s Artichaut.  I’m trying out the seamless version.  Now that I’ve made one I understand the instructions and know what I’m doing, when I started the first one the instructions for the seamless version was like reading another language.  J.J is thrilled to bits that I’ve started on hers, I gave her the option of the seed stitch pattern or just a plain version.  After staring at her sister’s for a while she settled on the seed stitch pattern.  I’m not so sure about it but if that’s what she wants that’s what I’ll knit for her.

M.I.A took every opportunity while we were away to wear hers and I couldn’t be more thrilled with her showing it off ♥.  If anything, seeing how good it looked on her made me want to knit another one more than ever.  I’m happy to be knitting J.J’s and hope that it looks as good as the first one once complete.

I also started the Aestlight Shawl but being too pedantic for my own good I ripped the whole thing out last night and started again.  It’s a long story, but in order to give some explanation for such a rash decision (I’d almost finished the garter triangle), one of the loops along the edge was sitting differently to the others.  I noticed this as we were driving home from our visit to Canberra, I ummed and ahhed over it for a few moments (it was quite a few rows back) and then decided to not worry about it.  When we stopped for afternoon tea I mentioned it to my husband, within a few seconds of looking at my work he pointed and said “It’s there isn’t it?”.  That made the decision for me, I ripped it back and picked up the stitches but since then there have been loose stitches all over the place and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.  Last night I made the decision that I couldn’t live with those mistakes and started again.  I’m happy with the decision and I guess that’s the main thing.

I’ll be back by the end of the week with a new book I picked up and some yummy yarn that I got for Christmas (ok, I was given the money and then I went and chose the yarn….. I doubt my MIL ever expected me to spend it on yarn :p) to show you.

How was your Christmas?

All that Glitters…..

Cheeky Elves eyeing off the chocolate

Sometimes all that glitters is not gold but chocolates wrapped in foil.  Despite wanting to make the Hot Chocolate spoons I simply didn’t have the time.    As it was I was still gluing felt to beads and pom poms this morning before breakfast – today is the last day of school.  So the elves came right down to the wire and I simply ran out of time for anything else.  Mr HKWT suggested just giving out the elves with a Hershey Kiss (these are not readily available in Australia, I just happened to find a lolly store that seems to specialise in American sweets and I bought a big bag) but of course that wasn’t good enough or even just enough for me to be comfortable with.  I managed to pick up a box of Ferrero Rocher’s and a box of Lindor Balls both on special when I did the grocery shopping.

All wrapped up and ready to go

The cellophane bags are biodegradable.  I bought them from SideStreetVintage on Craftumi.  I had originally intended them for the chocolate spoons but considering I didn’t make those, they make sweet little gift bags too and they’re biodegradable which makes them even sweeter.

Just hanging around

I was a little concerned about the gifts, I mean they’re nothing spectacular and not everyone appreciates handmade.  Up until I spoke to one of the teachers at #1 Son’s preschool.  She was telling me that after 20 years in early childhood work she can still remember which Christmas tree ornament came from which child she taught.  It was nice to know that she would always remember my boy, just from a little elf.

I am so happy that they are all finished and off to their new homes!  By the time I finished the final one my fingers were sore from working with the wire and my eyes were tired from all the stitching in bad lighting.  Next year I think I’ll have to start Christmas gifts in July (I’m sure I say that every year :/ ).

It felt weird picking up my knitting again after so much time spent sewing and twisting wire.  I can honestly say that I missed it and it’s nice to be able to sit and knit without having to think much.

The beginning of a muddy puddle (and the most awesome pink jeans ever!)

The weekend before last I cast on Mud Puddles by Kelly Brooker.  Kelly is the designer behind Beyond Puerperium, the cardigan that I knit for my Sunny Girl to bring her home from hospital in.  I’m knitting Mud Puddles in the Utiku yarn from The Wool Company that I wrote about in my last blog.  I would describe the yarn as a work horse yarn, it feels nice and dense as it runs through my fingers and the fabric it’s creating feels durable.  I guess the best way I can describe it is that I won’t be afraid to let my toddler run around in it.  There is so much yarn and I love the pattern so much that I’ve already decided to knit another one for my cousin’s little baby who was welcomed into the world a few short weeks ago.  The pattern itself is pretty straight forward, it has a top down seamless construction and (other than a little bit of fiddling with the sleeve caps) it is pretty basic.  In many ways it’s very similar to Beyond Puerperium, so if you’ve knit from that pattern and enjoyed it then I would highly recommend Mud Puddles.  Because I’m knitting such a small size it’s working up really quickly which is nice, it always feels so good to have something off the needles and ready to wear quickly (not that it’s the weather for it), especially with so many bigger projects on the go.  The sizing is also a bonus, the pattern goes up to a size 10 (72.5cm chest), so I already have plans to knit one for J.J and M.I.A….. I’m wondering how I can put a different twist on each one just to make them a little individual for my other 2 girls.

The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People continues to grow.  I only have a golf ball sized amount of yarn left so I think in another few rows I’ll be ready to cast off.  I would love to have that finished before the weekend, just so I can have it washed and blocked before Christmas.  But we’ll see, I’m not sure how much I can achieve in the next few days what with all the Christmas craziness that abounds at the moment.

Well, that’s it from me until sometime after Christmas.  I figure that I won’t have time again before the weekend between having all the kids home, packing, washing and family gatherings, so it’s better to not plan to blog then promise something that I may not be able to achieve.

So, on that note.  I hope all of you readers out there have an awesome Christmas, however you celebrate it (or whatever you celebrate).  I’m hoping ours isn’t too hot.

‘Til next time



I hate being sick!  And, unfortunately for me, the past week and a bit has seen me sick with varying things.  So, rather than posting a rather long blog I’m going to split it in 2 – one today and another early next week (fingers crossed I stay healthy).

The Saturday after my last blog (during the middle of a heat wave) we went up to the Bluebird Markets, held in the car park of the Alexandra Hotel in Leura.  Despite the heat it was quite a nice little market.  Lots of lovely handmade goodness ranging from soaps, clothes, cards, and jewellery through to food and coffee.  From what I could see it was pretty good quality stuff, at least the sort of stuff you want to see at a handmade market.  I bought the kids some marshmellows and some Espresso Shortbread cookies for me – they were so yummy!  I also got the funkiest pair of earrings from Poppy and Belle (you can also find them on facebook here)

Could a pair of earrings be more friendly?

I love wearing these friendly earrings, they are my go to accessory when I need a bit of a pick me up and they certainly attract some interesting attention :p!

I also added to my stash.  I bought some Utiku (8ply Corriedale) from The Wool Company in New Zealand.  It came in the most massive hanks I’ve ever seen (although that might have to do with the fact that it’s 8ply/ DK weight yarn and it’s over 420g).

Left:  CyclamenRight:  Mallard

Left: Cyclamen
Right: Mallard

It’s a nice change from the Bendigo Woollen Mills yarns and comparable in price.  There isn’t a massive range in colours but I was very happy with the colours I chose and would happily buy from them again.  I’ve balled up the Mallard hank and started a little top for my Sunny girl, with plans to knit another one for my cousin’s newborn bub.  But more about that pattern and project next time.

With the arrival of December comes thoughts of Gingerbread houses (among other things :p).  For the last 2 years I’ve participated in a Gingerbread Fundraising night held through the playgroup that I sometimes attend.  This year I ummed and ahhed about going, simply because I’m so tired.  But I’ve started a tradition of taking the Gingerbread House to the in laws every Christmas and I wasn’t about to let everyone down, so off I went for my 3rd year.  This year I was a little uninspired and it ended up being a case of throwing as much sugar on (and in – it’s filled with chocolates) as possible.

The House of Ginger


The main thing is that there are enough lollies and sugar on the house to share between 7 kids.  Maybe next year I’ll have the energy and inclination to do some research and come up with a themed house……. oooohhhhhh I wonder if I could do a knitting theme.

The Cheeky Little Elves I’ve been knitting up for the teachers Christmas presents are coming together nicely .  I honestly hope the teachers like them.  Unfortunately being sick set me back a bit and I’m spending my whole weekend cutting out, blanket stitching, and gluing bits of felt.  So far I’ve finished off 3, only 6 more to go.  I’ve promised myself if I can get through 3 today I can have a nice bath tonight with one of my special Lush Christmas bombs.  I’ve finished off 1 this morning and have started on the 2nd one, so far so good :D. (ETA: that didn’t happen!  I only got through 2.5 yesterday.  Desperately hoping I can finish off another 2 today if not 3, otherwise I think I’ll be figuring out who can miss out on an elf).

A plethora of pom poms

My darling M.I.A volunteered me to make pikelets for her class Christmas party on Monday, so I’ll be frying up those later (some for J.J’s class too) and also making hot chocolate spoons to pop in the teachers gift bags as well.  I’ll be so glad when Wednesday is over and the kids are on holidays.  I think I’ll need the rest almost as much as they do.

Have you been to any good markets lately?

Back in a few days with part 2



Not much knitting has happened this week.  Sometimes, unfortunately, life is simply too busy to fit much in.  I have been working on The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People and Millrace has had a little love.  I keep adding projects to my queue (and resisting the temptation to cast on) but I don’t seem to be finishing anything in a hurry, which frustrates me.  I want to knit ALL the things NOW!  I know, that’s physically impossible, but it doesn’t stop the desire to do it though.  Oh, if only I could have a super power :p.

Anyway, I may not have managed to get much knitting done but I have started on Christmas presents for my kids teachers

I got the directions for this happy little fella from the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Edition (I think it’s the Australian November issue).  He’s so sweet.  It’s also a really quick gift to whip up….. that’s if you’re not a perfectionist like me.  I took so much time blanket stitching the little mitts and socks.  I think for the next one I won’t be so particular.  I have 9 of them to get through in 3 weeks (2 would be better, the race is on!) so I don’t have the time to be fussy.

The one in the pic is my prototype (I like to see how a project is going to turn out before I start the mass production – you did read that I have to make 9!  Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment :p).  I think I might need to make a few little changes, but otherwise I’m really happy with how this little guy turned out.

Aside from making pom poms and blanket stitching felt I got……… wait for it………. wait for it……. A NEW CAMERA!!!!!  I finally have a DSLR camera, which has taken a little bit to get used to but I can tell you that I love love love it already!  I finally have managed to get some pics of Sunny smiling that aren’t fuzzy.  It’s already paid for itself :D.

I can not get enough of her smile!  Her little face lights up so quickly and she’s so eager to smile at everyone.  Love her to bits!!!!!

Can you believe that she’s 6 months already?  Time flies far too quickly!

Finally, a camera that I can take decent pics with!  I can see why people get addicted to DSLR cameras, I’ve already said to Mr HKWT that we’ll need to buy another lens.  I’ve been having so much fun taking all sorts of pics, including the fog at dusk during a thunder storm the other night, the tree fern out the front with rain drops on the leaves (is that what they’re called?) and of course all my kidlets.  I’ve also signed up for the Photography Primer course on Craftsy.  I haven’t started watching the lessons yet but I am eagerly looking forward to learning more about how to make the most of my camera and get the best pics of my projects.

Well, we’re in for a heat wave this weekend.  I think I’ll spend most of it trying to hide in the cool of the bathroom.  What are you up to?

‘Til next week


What a Hoot!

Term 4 is crazy busy and this week has lived up to it’s craziness!  Amongst all the normal stuff #1 Son has started the transition programme into Kindergarten.  To be totally honest, I know he’s ready for school but I don’t know if I am ready.  I still remember the night I found out I was pregnant with him (and waking up the following day with one of the worst colds I’ve ever had).  I remember hearing my husband complaining the whole pregnancy that we would never be able to celebrate our wedding anniversary again, I was due the day before.  I remember the day he was due and how my mother called to ask me if I was in labour yet.  I remember calling the hospital because I lost my mucous plug and getting into trouble because I’d stopped taking insulin and how I was hospitalised because they didn’t trust me to take care of myself (it was a saga that I won’t bore you with).  I remember waking up in the early hours the day after he was due and crying because I was missing my husband, it was our wedding anniversary and the contractions had started.  I remember my husband coming down to the hospital very early and finishing off my scrambled eggs, sitting in the hospital kiosk while my hubby devoured a burger and hot chips and I groaned with contractions.  My wonderful husband making me laugh between contractions while he entertained himself with silly games on the Nintendo DS.  Finally, I remember delivering my baby, my husband announcing that we had a son and then balling my eyes out because I’d given my husband a son for our wedding anniversary.  The midwife who delivered him was really lovely, very gentle, very professional and well seasoned in her profession, it was definitely a positive birthing experience.  What a way to remember our 8th wedding anniversary!

I still remember the midwife remarking that our baby boy was the blondest baby she had ever seen and he still is a little blonde heartbreaker ♥.

Like the bulk of mothers out there in the world, I’m sitting here wondering where the time has gone.  My tiny little baby is now old enough to start school.

He’s so cute (in his words, “I’m cool mum, I’m not cute” :p) and sweet and wonderful.  I’m going to miss him heaps next year but I know that he’s ready for school, even if I’m not ready for him to start.

On the crafting front, the unofficial Cookie KAL has kept me working on my Kai-Mei.  I had to redo the heel flap 4 or 5 times before I got it right (I have no idea what was wrong with me last week) but it is now done and I’ve done the bulk of the foot.  Just this afternoon I reached the end of the ribbing section, so I now have to decide if I’m going to do another set of increases/ decreases to take it down the other side of my foot, or if I’ll follow the pattern and stop it from moving across the foot.

It’s coming along so nicely.  I love the ease of the pattern and the pattern repeat itself is easy enough to remember after a couple of rounds.  I love patterns where I’m not tied to a piece of paper but still have a pretty pattern to keep me interested.

I worked briefly on the Sunlight Shawl yesterday at my craft group but no other knitting has taken place in my hands in the last week, despite being desperately keen to cast on Sempervivum and Aestlight.  I must say I am very proud of myself for resisting temptation.

At the Pink Craft Day on Saturday I had the pleasure of making the cutest little sock owl.  The pattern is by CraftSchmaft and it’s pretty easy.  All you need is a sock, some felt and some embroidery thread – then WOLLAH! you have a cute little owl :D.  There is a pattern for the cutest sock Baby ‘Zilla.  I love it and after the success with the owl, I’ll definitely give the Baby ‘Zilla a go, just need to find the right sock.  It still astounds me that someone took a sock and saw it’s potential to become a toy.  I will never get over the ingenious creativity out there in the wide world!!!

Have you made any toys with socks?

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P.S  My friend received the Marin Shawl I sent her after I posted last weeks blog.  She loves it and I am a happy knitter ♥